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Hello! I am starting a March in London and I want to buy a new laptop. I am between these two:

Lenovo Creator 5 15IMH (Core i7 10750H/RAM 16 GB/256GB SSD + 1TB HDD/GTX 1650 4 GB) 

Dell G3 15 3590 (Core i7-9750H/RAM 16GB/512GB/GTX1660Ti 6GB)

The big difference is that the first has i7 gen 10 CPU and 4GB of Graphics card and the second one has i7 gen 9 CPU and 6GB of Graphics card.

My question is that in order to run 3DS Max, Rhino, Autocad etc. it is more important the newest CPU or the slightly better graphics card?

Thank you!

Oct 1, 20 6:58 pm
Non Sequitur


Oct 1, 20 7:24 pm  · 
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I bought a BOXX, have not been disappointed.


eXXpensive though, oof @_@


Yes for what? :p


Is this supplemental to your desktop studio PC? CPU is pretty much same, just one is the later generation with higher turbo limit(I doubt you will over clock it). 1660Ti is 60% faster than 1650.You won't use much GPU for school work though. Only lumion, enscape, vray GPU etc GPU based rendering requires those. I would choose dell between those 2. But dell's quality is really meh. I would get a proper MSI instead. 

Oct 2, 20 9:24 am  · 
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I suggest lenovo legion Y540 with GTX 1660Ti and i7 9th gen which is the same price i think , I know it's a gaming laptop but you can definitely squeeze our more performance out of it since it has better cooling system than most budget friendly workstation laptops. 

Note that the difference between i7 9th gen and 10th gen are really small, however the 1660Ti will give you a much better performance than the 1650 so it should be prioritized....and if your wallet can handle it, i suggest the Lenovo legion 5 which is the 2020 version of the legion y540 but with the 10th gen i7, a camera on the top of the screen instead of at the bottom in the y540. 

Oct 10, 20 1:34 pm  · 

Please, get the best graphic card that you can afford. Keep in mind you may have many apps open simultaniously, with mighty card you will be able to use, say, photoshop while rendering is in progress and don't crash both. My GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb works on edge when rendering, so you'd better have at least 6Gb

Look up for some MSI within your budget, gorgeous laptops

Oct 22, 20 5:31 pm  · 

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