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Hi! Currently studying at a community college and feeling like I’m wasting time. The counselors at my school have given me such little knowledge on where to transfer and whether or not I am actually doing something that is paying off. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on schools that are worth the money, time, and accept a student with decent grades. Also wondering if anyone has any advice for looking for unpaid internships! I go to San Diego Mesa College and I’ve been here for almost 3 years, taken a bunch of Architecture based courses. I’ve been relying on reviews and reaching out to places like NewSchool and Sci-Arch but I’ve heard very mixed reviews about both (cost-wise vs. quality of courses)

Sep 14, 20 6:22 pm
Non Sequitur

never take unpaid internships. Never. 

Sep 14, 20 7:13 pm  · 
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Another strayed sheep coming into the profession waiting to get the dream crushed. Just find a state funded NAAB accredited university with B.arch and finish that. Unless you are so rich, you can afford those private schools with 50K per year tuition cost.All the schools won't teach you much about the practice, just day dreaming design that no one in the profession will take a second look.You do learn presentation graphic tho, which is important. You go to community college, so i doubt you can afford those private schools. Never go in debt for these, maybe except the few famous ivy league.

Sep 15, 20 8:39 am  · 

Don't mention unpaid internship. Archinect mafia will come after you. wait and see. The bullying will start momentarily 

Sep 15, 20 11:01 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

I've said it numerous times before, and I will seriously discount an applicant's skill level if I know they took an unpaid gig. That experience is worth zero. It's not bullying, it a strong armed attempt to slit the throat of those who still think it's OK to offer their time for free.  Have some respect for yourself for fucks sake.

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I think these kids have some idea that an internship will be some wise old man like mr Miagi teaching them everything from car waxing to life lessons with a bunch of flashy architecture between. It’s a job. A person who does a job for free is a moron. You will be viewed as worthless if you give your time and work away for free.

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I wish I could’ve afforded unpaid internships after graduation, the starchitect I would be today oh my...

Sep 16, 20 2:12 am  · 

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