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Hi! I'm looking for college websites that feature student work as the main topic, kind of like a yearbook or archive that present projects, such as the yale, the AA, or the harvard gsd pages: https://www.architecture.yale....

I'm looking for inspirations since I want to present this whole idea of an online archive to my university. I'd appreciate if you know and can share some web like this! Any university page is welcome. 

Sep 14, 20 1:19 pm

Many schools have end of year shows or archives, so you can run down the list for those sites. You should also check out version control:

This site was started by a GSD student to showcase unfinished studio work.

Sep 14, 20 1:30 pm  · 
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Hello! I didn't know this project existed. I'm not sure if the page is working well on my computer but from what I understand, it's a compilation of STUDENT'S projects that are not finished? or STUDIO's work?


It’s open sourced and it’s for incomplete work done by students that might not have made it to the final presentations.


Eh, i thought every university has an archive system for student works. I think they need to show it to NAAB to show the quality of work in order to maintain accreditation. Only difference is how much effort is put on using it as advertisement. Isn't it just a web page with image display showing student works? what else is there to research for? Almost every architecture school has web pages like that.

Sep 14, 20 1:31 pm  · 

Delft has a repository full of graduation work, can even search for topics etc.

Sep 15, 20 1:12 am  · 

The Bartlett does a great job of keeping student work archived, though it is often done through the individual units. Unit 21 (, for example, lets you sort by year, student name, etc. There are many other units on offer that can be found with a quick search as well. 

Sep 16, 20 12:28 pm  · 

I would recommend going on Behance or Issuu for portfolios / student work. Cal Poly Pomona's undergrad work is on Issuu if you're interested but it's from 2018.

Sep 19, 20 6:50 pm  · 

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