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Hi, I am in grade 10 and I really am passionate about art more specifically architecture/landscape architecture. My dream school is Cornell, I found out that studying architecture/ landscape architecture is at different departments. Architecture in AAP and landscape architecture is CALS. Which department is more competitive and I would like to ask which is better in terms of education and community. Any tips or advice on applying to these schools is also welcome. :)

Sep 9, 20 1:55 am

They're two completely different studies. My advice to you is to do a BArch undergrad at Cornell and the Masters in Landscape later either at Cornell or another school (like GSD). AAP is in my opinion a great experience and sets a great foundation, so I would always start there.

I also studied both and I love working across both fields. Way better than doing a B and MArch only. My advice to you is to do the Cornell Summer AAP program and see how you like both the school and the study. If you like it and do well you'll get a leg up on your application.

You can contact me privately if you want more information sometime.

Sep 9, 20 2:57 am  · 
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What ap classes should I consider to take for Architecture school?

Sep 12, 20 9:43 pm  · 

Beyond being in different departments, they're in different colleges altogether and have different approaches to the built environment.

Further to the suggestion made by justavisual you could go- 

arch to LA or LA to Arch, or you could go to a program that facilitates a dual degree. 

But at Cornell the typical dual path is planning and landscape architecture, because the latter fills some of spatial design requirements of the former.

Regardless, if you're really set on Cornell in architecture and or landscape architecture, read the course structures for both programs very closely before you make you decision.

Sep 13, 20 12:32 pm  · 
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Thank you for replying, which would you say is more competitive to get in?

Sep 15, 20 5:10 pm  · 

It's not accurate to compare them but they'e both top ranked programs. Architecture does receive significantly more applications and rejects a higher number by default.

Sep 15, 20 5:19 pm  · 
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Now that you mention it I do realize they are different programs. I think I really am more passionate about Architecture over landscape arch. What does Cornell AAP look for in a student? Like cooperation or leadership?

Sep 15, 20 5:47 pm  · 

I’m guessing justavisual attended Cornell Atchitecture, I’ll defer to them.

Sep 15, 20 8:29 pm  · 
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Sep 15, 20 8:29 pm  · 

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