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I am an Architect and have done my Bachelor's from India. I am planning to apply for master degree in Canada. I interested in applying   two universities :  Manitoba & Ryerson. The thing which is confusing me is the fees structure. In Manitoba 6000 Canadian Dollar is the tuition fees (for an year) where as in Ryerson it is 26,000 Canadian Dollar (for an year). Can any one help why there is so much difference in fees. Is there any specific reason for this as both the universities provide degree course of two full year. 

Sep 7, 20 12:39 pm

Canada subsidizes domestic tuition, so if its 26k for one year its at an international rate. If you dont have a citizenship then the manitoban tuition is the oddity. 

Sep 7, 20 12:51 pm  · 
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26k per year for RYU? That’s a terrible  price For a M.Arch. Why bother paying huge amounts of cash for a foreign degree when you don’t need one to work/practice at home?

Sep 7, 20 1:36 pm  · 
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For the snow ;) 

Joke aside, for study permit and then residency application maybe?

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I get why international tuition is expensive, I just understand why someone would pay that much for RYU? Is it really worth traveling abroad for that?

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btw, $19,700 is the aprox international tuition cost of UofM. Says it right on their website:

Sep 7, 20 5:37 pm  · 

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