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Hi computational designers

Recently, iaac Barcelona has come up with a new program, Masters in computation in advance architecture where the same is divided into 3 modules of 3 months each

The programme has very good professors, costs half the fee and the programme is of 10 months, followed by a thesis. What do you guys think of it? Any iaac alumni to share experience? 


Sep 5, 20 12:01 pm

The program looks promising. the tutors are amazing and are very active in community. I have a friend from iaac who told me that the institute is working to change the mode of education.

I guess, this pandemic has made us realize our failed models of living and the education is going to change in near future. With most of the fields running online, digital is the next big thing. 

Sep 6, 20 3:46 am  · 

Concur with @complexity that IAAC has some great tutor including a few that add to Archinect.  

For 2020 all Uni Programs will be more or less delivered online - some are starting out 'blended' but as Covid numbers rise suggest all will fall back on online only.

Would work best if the program included on-site in person workshops so you can better connect with others in program and tutors. 

Personally for myself, I would only consider it if there were some live engagement with others.

Sep 6, 20 7:49 am  · 

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