Any ARE study group/discord servers?


Is anybody in the process of taking the ARE know of any study groups/discord servers available to join? or is there any interest in starting a discord server?

Sep 4, 20 3:47 pm

They do exist but they are mostly private little groups so creating one and sending out links isn't the hard part. Getting people willing to join it and have something to offer is the part that can be challenging and difficult.

Sep 4, 20 4:35 pm  · 

Why do you need that other than having unrelated chit chat distract you. Just get a study guide and really dive down and nail it.

Sep 4, 20 4:51 pm  · 
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I took PjM twice and failed both times. there are some math questions i didnt know how to solve and all the study materials i have don't cover that. i'm just not a good math person

Sep 4, 20 9:59 pm  · 

Oh really. Some would say pjm & pcm are the easiest, followed by CE, PA. PDD & PPD are the real monster most people struggle with. I just recently started studying, so i am not that deep into all of the materials yet. Just bought Arch exam prep package and the 1st edition ballast ARE5.0. With the combination of the 2 i feel it covers pretty good base on those 4 sections. PDD & PPD tho, that thing is just way 2 wide in range. Can tell just by ballast's book LOL. The 2nd edition ballast that just came out has 4 sections approved by ncarb except those 2 monster sections, so i would expect it to be much better covered. 1st edition Ballast has barely anything on PJM & PCM, Arch exam prep I got seems to have some solid 200 pages each. So i think it should cover fine Just need highest 68% right in exam.

Sep 4, 20 10:43 pm  · 

Anyway,one can only speak after passing them all. I am just speculating now. Not sure what study material you are using now. I feel my two study guide combo seems fine, many of the sections approved by Ncarb. PPD & PDD are what concerns me.

Sep 4, 20 10:55 pm  · 

It's true that PcM and PjM are generally not as grueling as some divisions. There's a lot in some divisions. Granted, PcM and PjM may be more difficult for some individuals due to lack of exposure in those areas but that should be extremely rare as it would not be as painful and difficult to answer in some divisions. Some stuff like in PDD and PPD puts you through a grind of steps and processes that you have to go through to answer some questions especially in the time constraint. The type of items in those divisions of the exam lends to that more. Doable but harder thus, require more preparation for the exam. Differs in amount depending on the individual.

Nov 29, 22 4:51 pm  · 
G4tor here's one with a good community.

Sometimes, and not trying to sound like a millennial, it's about commiserating and getting emotional support from other people. God knows that the AREs is a huge giant slog.

Nov 29, 22 11:45 am  · 
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