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deathbydesign some (if not all) of you applying to the GSD for 2021, the GRE has been waived for this incoming application season only. This could save some of you who have not registered or taken it yet a couple of bucks and give you a bit of extra time to focus on the more important things like portfolio and essay. 

But with the pandemic's indefinite longevity (god knows if we're still here next year), is it even a good/best time (and is it worth it) to apply and go to grad school?

Sep 3, 20 7:40 pm

They should waive this forever for architecture grad school. GRE has nothing to do with art and design. Especially with portfolio in place to show real skill and talent. Undergrad GPA already indicates general learning skill and performance. It is possible one can be really poor with Exams and still be a fantastic designer. I get why GRE is necessary for non portfolio based majors. Not too many factors to compare candidates at. MSAAD does not require GRE last time i checked. Which i really love, short duration and no GRE. Geared towards professionals coming back to grad school.

Sep 4, 20 11:59 am  · 
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Absolutely agree especially with how it has nothing to do with art and design. Personally, I think the weight/percentage in terms of the relevance of the GRE is something that's already being carried by (1) the GPA and (2) Curriculum Vitae/Resume---simply the fact that an applicant has already finished a degree and has had work experience prior to graduate school. GRE is also an unnecessary expense. 

The MSAAD's of Columbia and Cornell don't require I just checked. Hopefully Harvard makes this permanent and other schools will follow suit (especially for M.Arch II's/MAUD's/MSAAD's/MSAUD's/MDesS's/MDE's/etc. and other post-professional degrees). 

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