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I am Manolya. I am from Turkey. I graduated from B.ARCH this year and I want to do master in  architecture abroad. My GPA is 3,14 and I need scholarship to go to master next year. Which schools or countries do you recommend to me?

Thanks in advance.

Sep 2, 20 12:45 pm

...too broad. Should have some inkling of where you actually want to go, it's your future after all.

Sep 2, 20 4:08 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

nice effort. Any other adult decisions we can make for you while we’re at it?

Sep 2, 20 4:31 pm  · 
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You are very right, too broad. Actually, I have researched a lot, but i am  very confused. I don't know how I should follow for a master's degree. Where should I start?

Sep 2, 20 4:58 pm  · 

I don't even know what is the point of the question. Just be like everyone else. Harvard GSD, Columbia GSAPP, then MIT, then Cornell, basically pull list off the top ranking architecture school master degree list and continue until you hit one you are pretty sure you can get in. U.S first, then Europe. Just get the money lined up, that is your biggest challenge.

Sep 2, 20 5:11 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Perhaps it’s best for this person to start their list with schools that don’t have a strong research component to their curricula

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thanks all for your kind reply

Sep 3, 20 7:37 am  · 

This forum has become a tad too sarcastic lol.

Sep 3, 20 1:51 pm  · 
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