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hi all, 

i'm an architect and urbanist from brazil, currently living in new york and interning at the united nations human settlements program. nice to meet you all! :)

i'm planning to apply for a few masters in planning programs this fall — harvard gsd, mit dusp, columbia gsapp, and uc berkley.

however, i have a question regarding my cv structure. my headings are: education, work experience, volunteer work, publications + presentations, awards, skills (in this order).

now i'm thinking if would be better to have publications + presentations right after education and then work experience... 

what do you all think? any advice?

Aug 31, 20 12:39 pm

it matters not a whit.

good luck

Aug 31, 20 1:18 pm  · 
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I agree it doesn't make any difference.

If you want to be very traditional/formally correct about it, in the US the "must-have" cv categories/headings are, in this order: 


Honors and Awards

Professional Experience [meaning employment]

Publications and Presentations

Extracurricular and Volunteer Experience

Other optional categories that may or may not apply to you, which you can intersperse anywhere they make sense to you, are:

Certifications and Licensure

Professional Affiliations

Professional Activities [meaning posts held or activities related to professional organizations and your field, but not including employment]



Additional Qualifications

Aug 31, 20 3:11 pm  · 
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doesn't matter at all.

My only advice is to never "rate yourself" with stars or percentage bars.

rhino, cad, ps....etc. People need to stop doing that.

Sep 1, 20 7:26 pm  · 
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That's a bad resume trend. A cv should never have any graphics.


I agree 100%, it never looks good in my opinion and ends up looking a bit cheap


Yes! Can this be printed on every architecture school everywhere so everyone can be made aware of it!

Photoshop ****
Autocad ***
Word *



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