2020 M.Arch Applicants - Final Results, Decisions, Stats, GPA, GRE, TOEFL, Letters Portfolios, etc.


*Taken from a thread I came across from 2011 and thought it would be very useful to many incoming graduate school applicants to have this information to keep it realistic when applying to Architecture graduate schools*

Please take a moment to post as much information as you are would like to provide about your application to 2011 m. arch programs.

Information that would be helpful is as follows. please feel free to + and/or - according to preference.

- Age/Sex/Ethnicity
- Undergraduate degree/ School/ Year graduated
- GRE scores
- TOEFL scores for Int'l students
- # of letter of recommendations/ from who (this can be general; employer, professor, etc.)
- things that stand out about you as a candidate (re: Personal Essay)
- post a link to your portfolio if you are open to sharing this
- List any preparatory programs (summer, community college, design courses etc.) an assessment of the program would be helpful as well
- schools applied to (results [in, out or waitlist], any $ offered, any other pertinent info)
- Unfinished/finished prerequisites
- Open house impressions, if any
- Final decision (the school you plan to attend in 2020. if you remain undecided or waiting for waitlist results, just make note of the schools you are still choosing from and maybe provide an update once you’ve made a choice.)

the information you share should be factual and honest. please keep it real. the intention of this thread is to create an archive of the process and experience of applicants this year [and to aid applicants for next year.] as always, feel free to alter as you wish since the points of interest noted above are just a quick reference. it’s time for us who have been fortunate enough with success in this process to pay it forward. thanks in advance for taking the time to post what is very personal information for the benefit of those to come.

Aug 10, 20 7:21 pm

you need to change the title. it is 2021 now. see thread:

Aug 12, 20 10:55 pm  · 
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