MASTERS in architecture


Greetings, I am currently a student architect pursuing my under graduate course and i am really interested to do my masters in architecture but i am clueless about the specilizations and what to choose. Help me out please!

Aug 10, 20 12:39 pm

the word "interested in master of architecture" could be many things : 

- do you need a Master degree? (( are you graduated from a accredited or not)

- what school are you applying to ? b/c each school might have different approach to architecture. 

I would suggest to go websites of the school you want to apply read about them or watch their lectures, I think it would help to narrow down what and why.

Aug 10, 20 2:59 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

You're going to do great when it comes time to do graduate-level research.

Aug 10, 20 3:05 pm  · 

I expect nothing less of OP than an archinect post, when that time comes...

Aug 10, 20 7:32 pm  · 
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