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Hi all—next semester I will be starting grad school and also be a first time teaching assistant. 

With this being a generally awful and unusual time for everyone, I want to do the best I can for my students. Naturally, the moment I got the news I forgot everything I ever liked about my professors or TAs. What qualities or techniques did you appreciate in your TAs generally (for studio or typical courses)? How can I make the upcoming semester easier? Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated.

So far, my thoughts are to lead with empathy, communicate concisely and clearly, and give detailed feedback. It would be great to have an architecture student’s perspective specifically for thoughts on studio. Thank you!

Aug 7, 20 3:37 am

**I will be starting my M.Arch to clarify. 

Aug 7, 20 3:41 am  · 

Helpfulness and honesty; just prod the class in helpful directions without spoon feeding them answers. Also limit the BS-ing if you can ;). Congrats on the position btw

Aug 7, 20 3:32 pm  · 
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Thank you! :) And good point about BS-ing.  Some people go by “fake it til you make it” but honestly admitting you don’t know something should also be okay. Given that you follow up later with an answer of course

Aug 7, 20 5:32 pm  · 
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I always really appreciated it when teachers followed up later with an answer after they'd given it some thought or did some digging.

Aug 7, 20 6:03 pm  · 
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