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I'm am getting ready to graduate with my B.Arch at SCAD. I've decided I want to get my M.Arch in Europe and practice there. I don't really have a preference for country, but my top choice is Politecnico di Milano. I've heard this is a very technical school, which worries me because I have learning disabilities from ADHD and epilepsy and struggle with the engineering side of architecture. Is this a difficult school to get in to or are there other schools in Europe better suited for someone with learning disabilities coming from an art school? I've heard about the University of Applied Arts Vienna, but haven't looked into it. I'm also looking for a school taught in English. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Aug 5, 20 5:53 pm

Look into the Academy in Amsterdam. You can work part time and study part time.

Aug 6, 20 7:30 am  · 
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