Yet another archi website critique !


I am applying for jobs soon, I've made a website, in the process of making my portfolio. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated !

Aug 5, 20 2:28 am

The enormous disconnect between professional practice and academic projects gets me every time...Your academic work is often very beautiful and quite inspiring visually, but I didn't see any technical drawing on how things could be materialised or realised (plan, section, elevation, details), even just a hint in theory or in a physical model (no not 3d printing). Which is a pity because it could help bridge the gap with 'professional practice'. I personally like to also see the "boring" stuff of conceptual academic projects, but maybe they just didn't teach you that, or that's simply not your focus? So, question is what kind of job are you after? Anyway, beautiful photogenic work. 

On a side note, you could maybe include overview pages of each 'chapter' of your website (like group all graphic design on a separate page, all academic etc.), just because I like to see what I'm getting myself into!

Aug 5, 20 9:32 am  · 
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agree. plan and section are the kings

Aug 7, 20 2:15 pm  · 

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