how many grad schools did you visit? & covid virtual tours??


applying to grad schools this year for fall 21.  

curious as to how to visit grad schools during covid. Are visits important? anyone ever done a virtual one? are virtual ones helpful?

and curious as to how many grad schools you all applied to and visited. thx

Aug 2, 20 10:47 pm

Visits are always really helpful to get the vibe of the program as each program is slightly different as they make you drink their kool-aid.

The virtual ones could get a sense for the kool-aid they want you to drink and a super small sample size of their faculty and students.

I would advise to apply 1-2 reach programs, 3-2 target programs, 1-2 safety schools.

Be sure you know what you're most interested in pursuing as it'll help you narrow down your choices. Do you know what programs you'd be interested in/what architectural topics would you want to study further? Also, what city do you want to end up afterwards? Recruiting is pretty regional unless you're coming from GSD or any of the ivies.

Aug 7, 20 9:20 am  · 
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Mary Queens

Many years ago I've followed my mom's advice and chose Business as my major. Cannot say I'm totally disappointed - I've gained pretty decent knowledge, and even applied it, writing some academic papers on business topics, but now I wanna try something new. Perhaps, nursing (yes, this covid situation made my choice clear).
I've made some virtual tours just to get the vibe of the grad schools, and I suggest doing the same - it's really easy and helpful.

Aug 9, 20 12:12 pm  · 

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