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I'm currently enrolled at SMC for an AS degree in Interior Architectural Design. I'm debating transferring to a NAAB accredited school and just using SMC to get some GE credits, and also skills from the InArc classes to build my portfolio that is needed for the application process to a NAAB school.

I'm curious if anyone on here has attended SMC InArc Design? If you did and graduated what career did you end up with right after graduating and where are you now? With the research I've done so far it looks like the most common job to land is an entry level drafter post SMC InArc. I'm also curious if it was difficult to land a position with just the SMC AS degree. 

If you didn't attend SMC, but have an AA/AS degree in architecture from another community college I'd be interested in hearing and learning about your experience entering the arc work field.

SMC advantages are affordability, location and completion time. As a working adult in my 30's now, It's a serious time and financial commitment for me to transfer into a NAAB school. Obviously the NAAB option is the best decision to make for the arc career, but can I make the SMC arc degree work instead? I'm torn.

Aug 2, 20 8:14 pm

I would say it's worth the investment in yourself to transfer to a NAAB school like UCLA. Yes, its 2 more years of tuition and loans, but you would be a lot more employable right after and further in your career. Try applying for scholarships after you've crafted a kick-ass portfolio, statement, and GPA.

You would have access to higher caliber firms as everyone has at least a Bachelor's working in those firms. You would also be put on a more equal pedestal for promotions. Also, you would be reaping the benefits of being at a large research institution that are lifelong. 

Debt is temporary but your degree and its benefits are lifelong. Your education is more than just a credential or training; it will shape what kind of design professional you will be. 

Aug 7, 20 9:32 am  · 
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Pardon but I believe only B.Arch degrees are NAAB accredited and UCLA offers M.Arch program which accredited.

Aug 16, 20 11:49 am  · 

Oh yes. For some reason I thought r_san is looking to transfer to an interiors program. But yes. r_san would have to look into USC, SCI Arc, Woodbury if r_san wants to stay west of the 101. There's also Cal Poly SLO and Pomona but much farther out and more difficult to network with firms and practitioners in LA.

Aug 18, 20 2:57 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

Think about what arch school(s) you're interested in; contact them and find out if they will accept SMC design studios for transfer. Some arch schools will, some won't. If they won't accept your JC design studios, you'll still have to do the full 5-6 years for your accredited degree regardless of having GEs covered.

Aug 17, 20 2:29 pm  · 

"As a working adult in my 30's now. It's a serious time and financial commitment for me to transfer into a NAAB school." 

You should really ask yourself if you want to be an architect.Visit firms and talk to people in the profession to get a sense of what the field is like.The pay is really low when you start. You will not likely work for those magazine architecture projects. If you know all the reality and still decides to go architecture. Better transfer to NAAB accredited school for B.arch, have as much transferable credit as possible to save money. That A.S. degree alone probably won't even get you in the door of a typical firm. B.Arch is the bare minimum.

Aug 17, 20 3:53 pm  · 
atelier nobody

If you do want to be employable with just an AS, then you should do Architectural Technology.

Aug 17, 20 4:23 pm  · 

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