Georgia Tech automatically enroll students?


I saw in another forum people are talking about GTech is automatically enrolling architecture students who didn't confirm nor send the deposit. I think that also happen to me. I just checked my email and seems like many GTech email are mixed in there from the past month. Anyone else encounter this and did you do something?

Jul 28, 20 4:48 pm

Most likely it's not that they've automatically enrolled you - it's just that they're keeping you on the email list of admitted students, in case you become an incoming student.  If you have no intention of attending then just let them know that you're declining their offer of admission, and ask to be removed from their email list.  You should formally decline any admission offer from anywhere that you're not planning to accept, because the programs need accurate counts in order to know whether to dip into their wait lists, and how many offers to make.

Jul 28, 20 5:38 pm  · 
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I thought I did for all my schools. I just checked and they didn't even have any confirm/decline portals in any emails


If you did already decline, it may be that at some point before you did that the admissions office sent a list to whoever does the emailing of pertinent info to incoming students. It may have included everybody who had been accepted but hadn't declined yet at that point. You should be able to get removed from the list by replying to one of those emails and requesting to be taken off the list.


Actually Yes! They sent me an I-20 form in May, which was really confusing because I didn't pay. I called them immediately and it took the whole June for them to clear it up

Jul 31, 20 8:22 am  · 

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