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I am currently working on my application for grad school, and wondering when I send my request for the recommendation letter, should I also send my complete or work in progress portfolio to remind them of who I was ?

Jul 27, 20 7:22 pm

1 - As early as possible.

2 - If you have to remind them who you are, you shouldn't be asking them to write a recommendation.

Jul 27, 20 7:32 pm  · 
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3 - Have you already confirmed that the instructor is available and willing to write by a certain date?  

  • If not yet, don't send your package; it's presumptuous.  Instead, send a brief request with (i) a 1-2 sentence reminder of you/your project, (ii) the letter request, and (iii) the letter deadline.  
  • If you've already confirmed their willingness, definitely send (concise) materials to remind them of you/your work.
Jul 27, 20 7:44 pm  · 
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Thanks, I will send a confirmation email.

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Sent emails to 2 of my profs, they replied "happy to support! etc..." Thank you, this definitely a great first step.

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Well done, on you and them! The initial request is helpful to both student and instructor. And always remember to include that magic information: when the letter's due. A few days versus a few weeks can make a big difference in the ability to help.

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Gotcha! I'll make sure to do that in my next emails. Again, thanks!


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