Master's Funding for Architecture degrees in the US?


Hello, all.

I'm interested in pursuing a master's in architecture (having just graduated from a related undergraduate field) sometime in the future. What's the story with funding for these degrees? Looking at some older posts it seems like university need-based scholarships exist but aren't quite ubiquitous either. Is it common to receive substantial aid here? I'd like to save up a bit working before going back for a grad degree anyways but it would be nice to have more info about this before starting the application process.

Thank you so much!

Jul 26, 20 1:51 pm

Hey Meido,

From personal experience (just applied this year) there are a lot of schools that offer competitive scholarships. For example, Princeton's M.Arch offers 95% tuition aid to everyone who is admitted. Also MIT is working towards that goal as well. Last I check currently most students get a 50% tuition scholarship. However this seems to be the case only for smaller programs. Larger programs such as GSD, Yale, and Penn seem to have been less generous with their scholarships and have more stringent need-based criteria. 

Jul 27, 20 1:14 pm  · 

Thanks for the reply! That's really interesting to me, I'm surprised it's not more homogenized like in other fields. I'll definitely keep this in mind when I'm going through the application process, thanks again!

Jul 28, 20 5:12 pm  · 

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