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I've been really interested in doing a master's in Korea, probably something related to urban, environmental and social architecture themes (and definitely this country is an important international referent of urban development). 

For what I've searched, Hanyang and Korea University are the most oriented for these kind of topics, but still not sure, and what most worried to me is the language barrier, so that's why I'm more aimed of searching options in the capital, Seoul. (of course I'm thinking about studying the language very hard)

So if there is someone here that is from Korea, or someone that knows about this too, do you think that those universities are a really good option for what I'm interested? or can you recommend me another options in Seoul?

Jul 24, 20 3:18 am

Seoul National University, or Yonsei University, Korea University, Hanyang University, and Hongik University would be good options in Korea(Seoul). Are you planning to write a thesis or just design? It depends on what u are interested in. Also, there are professors in every university who are fluent in English, so u can contact them.

Jul 26, 20 1:38 pm  · 

Sorry, what do you refer to just design? I thought that the final product for a graduate program is a thesis or a article.

Jul 26, 20 6:27 pm  · 

Pd. Thanks for your answer! I really apreciate your advices :)

Jul 26, 20 6:37 pm  · 

Did you check out the schools section of architect? You can find the schools, some people that study or studied there (and made an archinect profile, so might be able to contact) and read school blogs to get a feel of the place:

Jul 27, 20 5:21 am  · 

Ohhh!! I haven't checked that part of this page yet, thank you :)

Jul 30, 20 2:35 am  · 

Did an exchange in Korea, Hanyang Uni specifically. Hanyang in particular has a very strong Barch program but not so much for Master. Doesn't have a great reputation either for March. 

I would recommend Seoul National or Hongik University. 

Do as much research especially on the courses they offer but university wise those two are the most renowned for March. I'm not so sure about Korea U, but if you find that they have better program for the themes you're interested in, I'd say go for it. It's a good university, also known to have a distinct school culture/tradition.

Good Luck!

Aug 5, 20 4:08 am  · 

really? I was looking at their univ. page, and the themes and description of the research labs really convinced me, but it's always better to listen different thoughts and better if they're from people studying there, so thank you for your perspective!

Aug 8, 20 4:47 pm  · 

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