Hello, I am an undergraduate attending an unaccredited Architecture degree at the moment in the US.

 I’m looking into a couple MArch/RIBA Part 2 schools in the UK, however, I am wondering how much my attendance in an unaccredited program will hurt my chances. I’ve been told by admissions at these schools that it would be fine for me to apply as I would be considered an international student, and quite a few come in without an accredited MArch program. However, I’m having a bit of trouble believing this. 

Wouldn’t it only make sense that I would have a lesser chance of being admitted to...let’s say UCL Bartlett’s MArch program if I am coming in from an unaccredited B.S. in Architecture program? Does anyone have any experience applying to UCL or another Europe based school’s MArch (RIBA Part 2) from an unaccredited undergrad program? 

Jul 23, 20 11:02 am

*quite a few come in without an accredited architecture program 

Jul 23, 20 11:03 am  · 

I hold a B.S.Arch degree in the US and received the offer of March part 2 from the Bartlett. As long as your have an architectural Bachelor degree it doesn't matter if it's accredited or not  

Aug 11, 20 10:43 am  · 

it's not the case with the AA though

Nov 18, 21 4:39 pm  · 
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