Any insights on Eva's removal as AA director?


Very little explanation was given before the drastic vote and result. Any AA student can provide more information on what's going on?

Jul 18, 20 6:25 am

Have you tried dezeen?

Jul 18, 20 3:18 pm  · 

Yes I actually learned the news there. I'm interested in applying to AA. I really like Eva Franch's style and it was a good news that they offer master degree now. I want to know if the academic environment has been unstable in one way or another prior to the turbulance

Jul 18, 20 5:44 pm  · 

i think you can use some basic logic to deduce that things are not stable

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It's not a yes or no question


AA has had Master's degrees for donkey years validated by Open University. The AA degree-awarding powers were started about 4-5 years ago well before Eva set a foot in the AA.

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Just a random question about Architecture Unis/schools in London like the AA, Bartlett.....are they still open for business? Or is it online based learning?  I finished my architecture education well over 13 years ago and I don´t see it as being online based....

Jul 22, 20 11:56 am  · 

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