144 Mhz or 60 Mhz laptop panel?


As an architecture student, is getting a laptop that has a 144 Mhz panel necessary or is 60 Mhz enough? As eventually i would need to produce rendered videos of 3d models using 3ds Max as similar programs. 

Jul 13, 20 5:50 pm
Non Sequitur

288 is where it’s at. 

Jul 13, 20 6:51 pm  · 
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lol.. 360 Mhz Asus Rog is the bee's knees atm. He's not probably a gamer looking for bragging rights. Just for reference: 30 Mhz is about base Netflix and Youtube stream quality. 60 Mhz are HD streams. 144 Mhz is newish 4K TV's. Really, it's about the GPU and CPU, not the refresh rate of the monitor because if your hardware can't crunch those digits, you'll be stuttering...or with 3DS, cursing at how slow it is rendering. The 144 probably has a higher resolution and gpu, thus it might have a bit more shelf life and be a bit prettier to watch spinning hourglass icons on...

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And only at a cost 2-3x what I spend on my entire PC...

That being said, thanks for the info, that monitor looks insane.


refresh rate is in Hz, not MHz. 24 Hz is best for an authentic cinematic feel

Jul 13, 20 9:10 pm  · 
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