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I'm curious if anyone has seen their own firms consider hires of people on a purely remote basis (with possible stipulations of the occasional once a week/month office visit)? It seems we've all realized the viability of remote work as have other professions, but I've not heard anyone discuss their pool of available talent expanding due to their ability to hire people from a distance on a remote work basis. To turn the tables, I have been curious to find opportunities out of state with firms willing to hire people on a remote work basis, but when I've inquired about remote work I'm not getting a response or the answer is no. This could be due to firms still preferring to hire people who would have the ability to come in full-time in the office or due to the fact the industry is seeing a dip in work. 

Curious to hear your thoughts on this!

Jul 7, 20 10:39 am

Dang, thought this might have been a more popular topic of conversation!

Jul 13, 20 12:47 pm  · 

I think we are mostly still figuring this out. Stand by for updates as we collectively experience this for the first time.

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Hi mega-pointe,

I own a small firm and I would consider remote-employment. It may not be full-time though. It all depends on the person's skillset, capabilities etc. I have tried using friends in the field to outsource CD's and it wasn't overly successful because I wasn't able to teach them how I like things done. Every firm has their own way of doing things. It is easier to hire former employees or former colleagues for remote positions because you already know how they work, how they think, their quality of work, etc. I think even with remote employment, it is important for the person to come in periodically for face-to-face and in-person teamwork. My 2 cents.

Jul 23, 20 8:34 am  · 
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I think that makes a ton of sense. Firm culture is going to have to evolve if offices are partly remote, but like you said it seems some amount of face-to-face will be necessary. Otherwise, it'll feel like a bunch of contract positions rather than a cohesive body of people working towards a common goal. Maybe that also means freelance architecture will become more of a thing.

Jul 23, 20 8:45 am  · 

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