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Greetings good people of this amazing community!

 I am a B.arch graduate from India at crossroads. I wanna pursue a masters degree which will help propel my career abroad/home. I am more inclined towards the creative and conceptual side of architecture i.e, interiors and product designing . At the same time I am confused whether a M.des would be a  valuable asset in terms of the job market in Canada or USA. I am not looking into being a licensed architect in Canada. 

Also what are the best schools for M.des / M.arch in Canada in your opinion also if you could suggest an appropriate program for an architect interested in the design/concept side it would be great too.

Apologies for the long query. TIA!

Jun 30, 20 10:45 am
Non Sequitur

OCAD for non professional design stuff.

Waterloo & McGill for professional architecture stuff (M.Arch).

Jun 30, 20 10:49 am  · 

M Arch is where it's at

Jun 30, 20 1:18 pm  · 

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