Some M.Arch. I programs are 3 years and others 3.5 years?


Why are some M. Arch. I programs 3.5 years (7 semester) like at Harvard or MIT, yet some like Yale and Berkley 3 years? Is there something special about the Harvard/MIT programs to distinguish them from other top schools?

It seems like a VERY EXPENSIVE proposition to forgo half year of salary and pay tuition for an extra semester of studio/thesis work.

Jun 28, 20 10:54 am

It's just the way these programs have structured their curricula.  There's no difference in terms of NAAB-required content, nor in terms of the degrees awarded.  There are a variety of other M.Arch programs around the US that are also 3.5 years - some dealing with that by having a summer semester, and others having an extra spring or fall semester.  Typically it just provides more time for an additional studio, or more electives - so whether it's worth it to you depends on your own priorities.

Jun 28, 20 12:20 pm  · 
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