3rd year architecture student seeking advice


hello! My name is Zai

I'm a architecture student at l'ENA , Rabat in Morocco. I'm wondering if there's a possibility as a student to finish my studies (4th and 5th year) abroad , so as to do my master there and hopefully live abroad as well, practise there. 

Does anyone know how i can do that? what schools are the best? What cities are the best to move to as a newly graduate architecture student for job opportunities and lifestyle?

thanks in advance !

Jun 27, 20 2:46 am

Hi Zai - the only Uni in the UK that might allow this is the Architectural Association. You would have to repeat the 3rd year then go on to 4th-5th but would be awarded a RIBA Part I and Part II. In the UK Part I (BA/BS) are generally 3 years with Part II (Dip or March) are 2 years. Best to contact the AA directly. If you're planning for Fall 2020 still contact them.

Jun 27, 20 3:27 am  · 
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Alright, thank you so much!

go do it

Application process and the cost of tuition. ENA has affordable bachelor’s programs that cost less than 1,000 USD/year. A year of master’s studies at ENA will usually cost 1,000 USD per year.

and how much is an american educaton?

something is broke dog!

Jun 27, 20 4:21 am  · 

Ehm...minimum wage there is about $270 a month

go do it

maybe this is why the U.S. can't "afford" services other countries can. Are we the badies?

The U.S. Spends More on Its Military Than 144 Countries Combined ...

Jun 27, 20 10:50 pm  · 
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Taken that red pill Rick?


Pop out like it's Hearty-Martlos

Jun 27, 20 11:20 pm  · 
go do it

A constant state of conflict. Maybe other countries are just as bad, there probably is no peace no where and never will be.

Jun 28, 20 12:01 am  · 

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