Canadian Grad Aid for US Students?


I'm looking for information from any international students (most specifically US students) attending Canadian M.Arch programs. The low cost and short program length of most Canadian schools has put them very high on my grad school list, but it's been hard to find info about the aid schools give to US students, if any. I'd really like to avoid taking out any more loans, as I have a large sum from a previous masters degree. Anyone have any insight on the willingness for international student aid for these schools? 

  • Mcgill
  • Carleton
  • UBC
  • Waterloo

Just trying to decide if I should be ruling out any schools because I wouldn't get aid even if I did get in. 

Jun 22, 20 4:00 pm
Non Sequitur

It's hilarious to think that canadian international tuition is still cheaper than american normal tuition.

Anyways, scholarships are the same everywhere: Some merit based on the strength of your application and a handful of grants you apply for.  Nothing unique.

btw, in order of best to the rest, the order is Waterloo and McGill on top, then the rest, then UofT holding steady at the bottom.

Jun 22, 20 4:08 pm  · 

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