B.arch in Germany?


I have been searching quite a bit for architecture courses in Germany,but all I got was B.Sc in Arch , B.A in Arch . are there no universities which provide B.Arch in Germany with no tuition fee?

Jun 17, 20 10:14 am

Shouldn't you be looking for the program syllabus and the course itself rather than B.Sc or B.A ? i think Europe is not same like the US, i think almost all programs in Europe are B.Sc or B.A

Jun 17, 20 11:29 am  · 

I think in Germany (like a lot of other European countries), you can do either a BSc. or a BA, 3 or 4 years respectively. Then you would continue onto an MSc. or an MA to be eligible for registration. Five year BArch degrees are rare in Europe.

Jun 25, 20 7:09 am  · 

Off the top of my head architects in Germany have to get both a 3 year bachelors (B.A. or B.Sc.) and a 2 year masters (M.A. or M.Sc). Most bachelors by themselves aren‘t really considered full, complete educations by employers. Plus, IIRC getting licensed in the state Architektenkammer requires min. 4 years higher education, which obviously means the masters is necessary.

Jun 29, 20 1:00 pm  · 

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