M. Arch vs. M.S. Arch for someone with a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture?


I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (5 year program) and entered the work force, I work in high-end residential design, but I've found myself becoming equally as interested in the actual design of the home itself rather than just the outdoor and garden space. 

I want to expand on what it is I know and go back to school at some point, but I was wondering which degree I should pursue, I see M. Arch and M.S. Arch programs offered, in my case, would pursuing an M.S. suffice? Wondering what experience or insight y'all might have, anything helps.

Jun 14, 20 10:52 am
This question has been asked a zillion times. Search the difference between the degrees on the forums
Jun 14, 20 7:44 pm  · 
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I know the difference. I was asking for a recommendation as to what someone would do in my scenario.

Non Sequitur

Archinine is correct and if you actually did know the difference, you would not be asking the question in a web forum. Adulting is hard.


Yeah but all the posts I came across were written by those who had pursued a BArch.


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