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Just wanted to clarify what the '$' symbol means in the application threads. You often see the decisions/fiannicaial aid listed as the following example

GSD- In with $$$$  /  UIC - In with $$  /  UPenn- In with $

What exactly are the amounts that the dollar symbols are denoting? 

Jun 13, 20 8:51 pm
Non Sequitur

typically represents the amount of scholarships received or expected cost of tuition.  

Jun 13, 20 9:30 pm  · 
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There's no standardized amount per dollar symbol, if that's what you're asking.  They just denote each poster's idea of the impressiveness or magnitude of the amount of financial aid and/or merit-based grants offered.  For example four dollar signs might mean anything from a better-than-expected amount to a full or nearly full ride.  One dollar sign might mean anything from a token grant of a few thousand dollars to a large amount but one that's comparatively less than other schools offered that applicant.

Jun 13, 20 9:30 pm  · 
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cheers! that was helpful! always wondered what the exact amounts they may be referring to. 


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