B.A. in mathematics but want to go into arch now


Hello, I recently received my undergrad in May of 2019 . After working in the corporate world of banking I relative this is not the life for me. I’ve always been interested in architecture but have had family and friends talk me out of it. I’m now determined to follow suite this time around. I’m just not sure what my next steps are? Do I go  back to school, undergrad or masters? Experience? I’m not sure so any advice would be very helpful! 


Jun 1, 20 10:50 am

Depends on your country, but in US and Canada (with non-arch bachelor) usually take a 3 year Masters followed by internship/work exp and then accreditation if you want to become a licensed architect.

I'd try getting work in an office somewhere first though, architectural work probably isn't as you imagine it...

Jun 2, 20 4:42 pm  · 

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