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Hi everyone, 

Brief intro: I'm currently a strategist at marketing firm named Ogilvy who has recently been contemplating a range of options to purse for a masters. Architecture is my lifelong passion and I often curse myself for not pursuing it during my BA, but its too late for that so no point in chastising myself. 

I'm writing this post in the hopes that this community can provide some candid opinions on SCI-Arc, particularly the M.Arch 1 program, since it seems to be the only MA that caters to students without an architecture BA. I've been reading through a number of posts regarding SCI-Arc but unfortunately they all seem to evolve from rational discussions to button bashing battle royals.

From my research I've gathered that Sci-Arc is an innovative institute with fantastic facilities that places a massive emphasis on design. 

My main concerns are: 

- Is this institution too much style over substance? If I do apply and get accepted, I would like to be an architect that solves problems and actually builds.

-  Are M.Arch 1 graduates looked down upon after graduating for not possessing the fundamental education obtained from a BA? Perhaps obsessive dedication could make up for lost ground..

- Are there other alternatives to this specific program?

There's much more I'd like to ask but these are the key points. Massively look forward to hearing back from you guys and continuing the discussion. 

May 28, 20 2:30 pm

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