Help to decide which university to study Master of Architecture, Università Iuav di Venezia or University of Florence?



I would appreciate if you can help me choose between university to Università Iuav di Venezia or Università degli Studi di Firenze (University of Florence).

I've been admitted into both programs and can't decide which one should I go for, IUAV seems to be better ranked as architecture school according to QS Ranking but not ranked anywhere else and to be honest I am leaning towards IUAV because of its focus on the architecture field, however, University of Florence is included in every ranking system out there the likes of times higher education and Usnews, etc. and and it does have good ranking overall (not particularly in architecture field).

Also how both of these schools compared to Polimi and Polito ?



May 20, 20 11:13 am

flip a coin bro. 

May 20, 20 2:13 pm  · 
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* Polimi is the biggest and better known among above mentioned schools. It has wide range of elective subjects. Thematic studios were more research oriented and professors were attentive. Facilities are well organised.

* IUAV is an arts school. If you want to study structural design and etc. it`s not an option. 

*Polito is a technical school as well but with less elective subjects. Former alumni told me that it is more organized than Polimi...

I don`t know anything about the fourth. 

P.S. Check rankings priorities, generally they depend on a school size. Do their priorities meet yours?

May 20, 20 5:24 pm  · 
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I have also been admitted to the University of Florence. However, I am planning to go for IUAV as it seems to offer better education, in my opinion. 

I believe the reason that IUAV does not show rankings around is due to its relatively new Enlish-taught course and being a smaller university as compared to the others. I have also heard from past students that the University of Florence is very unorganized and very difficult to obtain information from them. 

These are based on others opinions.

May 20, 20 8:07 pm  · 
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Thanks for the post! You may find this article helpful:

Good luck!

May 22, 20 1:58 pm  · 
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Thank you this was helpful

Jun 1, 20 11:07 pm  · 


Minimi is right, there is not much info around about IUAV because the English thaught course is really young.

IUAV is an architecture, fashion, design, and art school but the title that you get is always (for architecture) a Bachelor/Master of Science. We have mandatory courses on structural calculations in the bachelor and specific constructive technology assignments within most of the studios.

IUAV and Venice are well internationally connected (see Biennale and exchange-double degree opportunities).

Polimi is huge, you have the chance to get into famous architects' studios but, due to the large numbers, you will not see them that much.

Honestly, I don't know much about Polito and Florence. Rumors 

One year ago I was in limbo as well. What I can say is do not rely too much on the rankings, the experience and philosophy of the school are more important.

Jun 3, 20 5:19 pm  · 
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Thank you matteo, I have already decided to go to IUAV, it seems to be the better university in the Architecture field according to different sources.

Jun 11, 20 10:46 pm  · 
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