Already have a BFA and MFA, not in Interior Design, what degree should I pursue for space planning?


I currently have a BFA with a major in Studio Art focusing on Drawing and a major in Advertising & Marketing Communication focusing on Graphic Design as well as a minor in Art History. I also have an MFA in Media Design. I work for a luxury apartment developer but really want to work for an architecture or interior design firm to focus on research and space planning (amenities, apartments, etc), incorporating elements of design. What degree or program would be best suited for me given the degrees I already have?

May 14, 20 11:25 am

My initial thought would be a graduate program in Interior Design.  Make sure it is accredited as required for you to take the NCIDQ exam and get a professional interior design license after graduation.  (I am assuming you are in the USA.)   Whatever you do, don't borrow a bunch of money to get an interior design education.

May 15, 20 4:07 pm  · 

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