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Hello guys,

I have been admitted to IUAV in venice (Italy) 2020 and I would like to know more about the university and its International Master's degree in Architecture (Taught in English).

Is anyone planning on going there or already in/done the course?

Any thoughts about Venice, IUAV, and the Architecture Master's Degree programme?

Any suggestions/thoughts or anything you would have to say regarding this would be great! I am planning on joining the course.

Thank you

May 12, 20 4:10 pm

Hi, I have been admitted too to IUAV, and I think I will go too, it seems to have a great history and good reputation. 

May 14, 20 2:47 am  · 
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I'm currently attending the first year of this Master's degree in Architecture at IUAV. It is the first year of the course itself so it's pretty young and we all kind of were (and still are) the guinea pigs of the situation. But that's positive for you because now they know better what to do and how to do it for next year.

IUAV has a lot of history and great resources for its students, just to say two, it has a huge library and a strong international network of universities and professors. The English thought program has the advantage to have (compared to the Italian one): fewer students per class, some of the best professors from the university, and from abroad (invited professors).

Believe it or not, IUAV is investing a lot of effort and resources into this program.

Apart from this, I can recommend one thing. If you come, stay in Venice city center. Please don't rent an apartment in the mainland or in the other islands. The extreme acqua Malta and Covid killed tourism for a while so you'll likely find really cheap apartments to share. You'll be closer to uni so long spritz sessions will not be a problem. Bring long boots ;)

Saturday 16th and 23th of May 2020 at 4pm CEST I'll be live with other students and a couple of professors on the Instagram page to answer questions. You'll also get other opinions. page > @iuavmasterarchitecture

May 14, 20 7:28 pm  · 
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Does the programme offer any computational design modules ?


It doesn't at the moment. Who wants is, of course, free to experiment but it's an autonomous/self-learning path. I developed part of the project with grasshopper and we got a lecture that was featuring case studies on that but nothing more.

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Hello, Another question, what do you think of iuav compared to polimi, polito, and university of florence ?


Thank you, Matteo! This was extremely helpful, I am really leaning towards IUAV. I have a few more questions if you don't mind. Are the projects usually carried out independently or in groups? Could you give me some insight into the modules/assignments and what they are about, maybe more technical, design-related or a bit of both? Would we have optional modules? I would also like to know where exactly would you recommend renting out an apartment in the city? Do you have any specific areas/locations in mind near the uni? If you know any websites I could look into for renting out apartments, that would be great :)


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