Need Help Deciding Where to Apply for M Arch 1


I just graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies. I completed my degree with a 3.5 cumulative GPA. I have begun studying for my GREs and developing my portfolio. I plan on applying for the Fall 2021 session. I have currently decided on applying to the following programs: 

1. UofT (I am Canadian so I would be paying domestic fees, which are relatively inexpensive compared to the USA or the UK. My friends and family either live in Toronto or in the surrounding region. While I enjoyed my education, I think it would be valuable to learn and gain experience at a different institution)

2. Rice (Although most of my family lives in Canada, my parents actually live in Houston so I would be able to live at home with them for the duration of my education. I love how diverse their curriculum is and I love the idea of being in a small class as UofT was a relatively large undergrad program. Huge bonus that the program offers a semester in Paris) 

3. UCL (I have always dreamed about studying in Europe and the UK is a practical choice because I have a better chance of bringing the degree back to Canada or the USA. I have always admired the work that comes out of the school and I think that London would be a really interesting city to use as an urban laboratory) 

That is about all I have so far. I would like to apply to maybe one Ivy League school, and maybe one non-Ivy League school. In terms of what I am looking for in a program, I would love to be in a balanced program. I enjoy design work, but I have also really enjoyed partaking in technology based studios. I am pretty experimental, and I really enjoy the research components of projects. 

I'd love any advice that you can provide!

May 11, 20 12:49 am

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