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Hey everyone, 

I recently graduated with a BS in Biology. I took History of Architecture and design courses in college and I've decided on getting my Masters in Architecture. Primarily looking at Virginia Tech for in state tuition and with its roots embedded in Bauhaus structure (so I've heard). 

I'm wondering what I should look to include in a portfolio and anything to sort of hone in on this year. I plan to amp up my drawing skills this year. Anything helps!

Thanks in advance

May 8, 20 11:37 pm

I was in this same position three years ago; I majored in economics in college and took a few architecture courses, and now I am wrapping up my M.Arch.  In my experience, admissions committees want to see creativity and technical ability; if you really wanted to put in the time you could learn the basics of Revit or CAD to show off some drafting skills, but it's not that important, as that is what you will be taught in school.  I suggest putting emphasis on the process of your work: say you know how to work with wood.  Show the entire design process of a carpentry project from conceptual sketches to photos of you building the project, all taken in sequence from the same angle.  Hope this helps.

May 9, 20 2:05 pm  · 
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Thank you! I have a lot of writings (particularly poetry), music on spotify, photography, screen prints, etc. Would any of that be significant in relation to speaking of my creative process. I do believe that they are all interconnected but I wasn't sure if this would be significant to admissions boards.

May 10, 20 11:56 pm  · 

Thanks for the post!

BuffaloArch's response is good. Show hour creativity and critical thinking ability. Some schools have accepted portfolios that have zero architectural work, but may have good drawings, woodworking projects, and any other projects that in some way illustrate some of the foundational skills that would serve you well in architecture.

But, above anything, I always recommend contacting the school and asking them what they would look for in a portfolio from someone without an architecture background.

Good luck!

May 11, 20 11:27 am  · 

I don't know that music on spotify is going to help you, but any work you do that shows attention to detail and investigative process will be of interest at Tech.  

Tech has labs for silk screening, flat-roller bed printing, woodworking, metal work, pottery, plastics, and a host of other things.  Any craft (not glitter, glue guns and popsicle sticks) will be good to include. 

May 12, 20 8:20 am  · 

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