Università IUAV di Venezia(Italy) / Hochschule anhalt DIA (Germany), Which one would you choose?


Università IUAV di Venezia(Italy) / Hochschule Anhalt DIA (Germany)

If you were accepted by both universities, which one would you choose to complete your Architecture Masters? 

IUAV seems to be ranked better globally, but in the other hand I find that most of German universities of applied sciences are not ranked, so I am not sure which one is better.

I am leaning towards IUAV because of its history and program, and although I prefer Germany as a country because of the fact that they have a demand for skilled workforce and Germany would be a good option for me to immigrate especially speak German well, but I don't want to waste a chance to study in a good University too or waste 2 years of my life in a bad one. 

I would really appreciate your feedback on the matter, thank you in advance. 

May 1, 20 12:55 pm

Im in the same situation man, I second this question! 

Jun 25, 20 9:26 am  · 

I've been very impressed by any of the work I've seen from IUAV. On the other hand I've never heard of nor seen work from DIA. Not sure if that's helpful, but IUAV seems to be developing a bit of a global brand which the letter doesn't have.

Jun 25, 20 10:22 am  · 
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Hi guys, after careful thinking, I decided to go with IUAV,  it is the better university hands down. 

IUAV focus mainly on Architecture and Urbanism and is one of the best architecture school in the world and in Europe. Nationally, it always compete and compared with PoliMi, PoliTo and top Italian universities for the best architecture school in Italy according to repubblica censis ranking (The Italian national ranking of universities).

But although DIA reputation does not even come near Iuav and does not have the same ranking, and while it does not compete nationally with top ranked German universities like Tu Berlin or University of Stuttgart, however, if you plan to work in Germany afterwards I think then DIA would be the more logical choice as it will give you advantage by getting you involved with the Germans communities and experience the culture and language. 

But if you care more about the program, I believe the better choice is Iuav. 

Jun 25, 20 11:41 am  · 
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A little later here but I'm wondering does M-ARCH in Università IUAV di Venezia(Italy) taught in english too? 

Apr 22, 21 12:36 pm  · 

You will never know...

Apr 22, 21 3:40 pm  · 
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Yes, they have 2 English programs, 1 for Architecture and 1 for Urban

Apr 23, 21 10:05 am  · 
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Thank you for your reply!

Apr 23, 21 10:46 am  · 
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