Do SCI-Arc courses teach a lot about ZBrush?


I heard people talk about SCI-Arc students use ZBrush a lot in their final stage of projects, and often time result in some distinctive visual styles different from other schools. Anyone knows anything about about?

Apr 16, 20 5:33 pm

They use Maya a lot and yes they do use Z Brush and they also use grasshopper . It’s a very tech school and you really have to be willing to learn how to use the software fast . 

Also on top of modeling you have to learn how to model it fast and efficiently to have it printed or milled . 

Just a heads up if you are considering to go there . 

Apr 18, 20 12:19 am  · 

Since when did a fetish for software to make cartoons become a “very tech school”?

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Thanks for the information


since the time when certain schools figured out those "cartoons" can be realized as real buildings if you teach them how to make it into one versus certain schools who are still teaching how to draw on mayline

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Yeah I'm sure the Sultan of Despotistan would love to build your cartoon with his slave labor force. He'll need the RCP and structural calcs as well or are you just the cartoonist?


Which buildings are you referring to tomahawk_619? Asking for a friend...


@randomised: of course if you are working at some boring small office, you can say these skills just for "cartoon". I was working for a famous office and I used ZBrush there. And I know a lot of other big offices use Maya, Zbrush... maybe you knew Zaha office uses Maya for a lot of their built projects? Morpheus hotel, a "cartoon" for you? Of course, I was also working for some small office which only doing boxes and obviously they don't need Rhino or Maya, just SketchUp is enough.... even draw by hand with T-ruler and drawing board and water color as 19th century.

I am not against any tools or tell you this one is better than that one, but you should understand that every tool is well positioned for its context. They dont use Grasshopper for doing Tadao Ando boxes and of course they can not use SketchUp for Gehry "cartoon".


It is cartoon software, used and developed to make cartoons...using such software in architecture school doesn't make it a "very tech school". It makes it a very software and form-driven school (interesting read: 

A very tech school would focus on how one can realise that shit in the real world, make it work, make it happen, make it buildable, make it stand, make it last, etc. as opposed to the simply lazy laser cutting or 3D printing of a "thesis". 

I am saying this as an architect having used Maya (and Grasshopper) in a professional environment during my career, got stuff built that went in one way or the other through Maya. But that's not what they teach in SCI-Arc, it never goes beyond the image...

They used to teach that stuff in Delft, in the Hyperbody studio (the how to get that freaky stuff built-stuff). Something SCI-Arc CEO(!) Hernan Diaz Alonso could have benefitted from, but that studio retired I guess (I think) when the world moved on from blobby form making and the professor that taught the course (the brilliant Kas Oosterhuis) retired.


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