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I have gotten into multiple architecture programs in the US, and being an international student I’m having trouble choosing, so I thought I’d come here and ask for your option on which program I should attend, or how to choose one. 

My choices are 

Georgia Tech/SCIARC/Pratt/UIUC/CalPolySlo 

I’d also like to know your opinions on the atmosphere and area of the schools

Apr 10, 20 2:42 am

Heard fairly overall decent things about SciArc and Pratt, but I'm from Canada not US so only third-hand info...

There's probably a couple dozens threads on here for each school, can try searching them up.

Apr 10, 20 2:58 am  · 

Hello! I was also accepted into Cal Poly for architecture this fall! Some information that might be helpful: 1/5 architects in California graduated from Cal Poly. 1/20 architects in the U.S. graduated from Cal Poly. It is a massive program and the university overall is well-known for architecture specifically. If you are worried about getting jobs, a degree from Cal Poly for architecture is a very safe way of ensuring work in the future. In the 4th year of the 5 year program, all arch students go off-campus, usually abroad, to study and intern for the school year. 

The school motto is "learn by doing" so expect a lot of hands-on labs and activities, including the annual Design Village where 1st year students build a shelter to live in for the weekend with a group of other arch/arch eng students.

Important to note: Cal Poly is almost 50% white and has a 1% international population. There is not much to do because the area is very rural, but the scenery is beautiful. For arch majors, there is more diversity in our department and more international students than the other colleges. We also tend to be very busy with workloads, so it's hard to get bored..... in a way.....

Hope this helps! I might just be a classmate of yours in the coming future :)

Apr 10, 20 5:51 pm  · 
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