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He everyone!

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Washington, and I will be applying to Architectural Design major this month. I really love architecture because of the courses I have taken at UW. I am really worried if I don't get into the major this year. The department says I can apply again next year if I don't get in but is it a waste of time, instead I could try to learn something new?

I am really worried right now. Hopefully there are someone that have gone through a situation like me can help me!

Thank you so much!

Apr 9, 20 7:59 pm

Hey TrongL!

Have you talked to the architecture department at your school to see how you can increase your chances of switching over? If we assume the worst case and you don’t get in this year I don’t think it is a waste of time to apply again next year. If you really love architecture and want to pursue architecture, you should do that. 

Do you have to stay in Washington? You could always apply to other schools to get a better chance of getting into a program. Also UW’s undergrad degree in architecture isn’t NAAB accredited, which you will need of you want to get licensed. However their M.Arch is accredited. Good luck!

Apr 15, 20 5:51 pm  · 

Can also be good idea it to take related or art-type courses (especially anything with sculptures or model building...) if you have to wait, it'll help greatly for design courses and future applications

Apr 15, 20 8:05 pm  · 

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Apr 15, 20 10:37 pm  · 

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