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please help me!
Both University of Miami and University of Florida have interesting architecture programs. From the beginning, I was going to go to UF because it was cheaper and everything. But, I got a major scholarship to cover all my expenses at UM. I’m having a hard time choosing between the two. What do you guys think of their architecture programs? 

Thanks :)

Apr 9, 20 9:46 am

thanks for the post meli,

What are you having difficulty deciding between the two programs? That'll help us give you better feedback. 

One big difference between these two programs is that UM has a NAAB accredited B.Arch degree, which is essential if you want to get licensed. UF does not have a NAAB accredited undergrad degree. So if you pursued UF's "B.Des" degree you's still need to obtain a two-year NAA accredited M.Arch to get your architectural license. 

Apr 9, 20 6:02 pm  · 

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