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I have just been accepted to ITECH, AA DRL, and Harvard GSD's MArch II programme. I have an interest in robotics and fabrication but also like the idea of being able to choose what courses to do at the GSD. Any comments on the 2 would be great! Have 1 week! 

Europe Preference: ITECH for specialization in robotics, this program would be more prescriptive (follow PhD students' guidance + make pavilion and then do thesis in yr 2). 

GSD: Free to choose any elective classes at Harvard (&MIT), yet more design oriented with design studio options. Can specialization approach still be achieved? (MDes in Tech would have been more appropriate compared to ITECH/DRL). 


Apr 8, 20 5:59 pm

Any suggestions? Just also got into the MAS DFab programme at ETH. Seems like a similar programme to ITECH but more concise.

Apr 11, 20 7:51 pm  · 

Hi Gee! already decided? I am also going to apply for MAS ETH and ITECH. Any suggestion of these two?


Not decided yet, both are great specialized programmes in Europe! Am looking for suggestions myself ;)


I was planning to visit these two schools in the mid of this year, which I think is the best way to know the program, but the virus make it not possible... it looks they will not be open until quite late of the year..


I've heard bad things about MDes before, as for March II, I guess depends on if you want to specialize, also if you think you can get the most out of a few more design studios. if you know you want to specialize, why go to March? the Harvard name is attractive tho. Alumni network is also worth considering.

In my case i did not consider GSD because how much money it costs.. even if you get a scholarship. Living+studying costs just do not make scenes to me especially already having a B arch degree.. I applied one school ITECH and that's where I will go!

Apr 18, 20 12:24 am  · 

This is a thread I started a year ago related to this! I got accepted to GSD MDesS Tech but got rejected by ITECH. As with the responses I've gotten, ITECH > GSD MDesS Tech. But I decided to defer and will probably re-apply again for next year. 

I think with the MArch II from GSD apart from the option studios, the other electives/courses you can take can concentrate or lean towards the scope that the MDesS Tech track covers (+ courses from MIT). The advantage of having option studios is that you get to apply or test what you've learned (representationally) in your other courses? That's how I'd do it anyway. In terms of pedagogy though I don't think they're the same so it depends what you want to get out of the program and if the right faculty is there for that. I find Harvard is more on the digital media side of programming / computational design while ITECH is heavily more on material prototyping / fabrication / engineering / construction as seen in their yearly pavilion projects.

Good luck and congratulations on the acceptances! 

Apr 27, 20 5:58 am  · 

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