Graduate Architecture Program - COVID Fall-2020 semester


Upcoming or current students, what are your thoughts in terms of the recent transfer to virtual learning? What has your experience been like? Are there any discussions in the schools about partial tuition reimbursement? I’m starting a 3-semester grad program in September and very concerned about the possibility of the second wave of COVID19 and having the first semester online.

Apr 5, 20 10:37 pm

very possible. All the schools I know refused to give the option to defer. Just need to wish for the best.

China and some Asian countries are having their school reopening up. I think China is opening schools back up next week or so. So I might able to assume it takes about 4 month for the society to transition back into normal. If I do the math on USA which is where I go to school, optimistically (March + 4 month = July) school will be back to normal before August. Zoom studio is a joke right now as no one has any motivation to work on any projects at home...... If there will be a second wave of virus / second lock down then we are really, really unlucky. 

Apr 6, 20 1:25 am  · 

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