Pratt vs Cooper Union B.Arch


I have recently been accepted to both Pratt Institute and Cooper Union for the B.Arch programs. I am torn on which is the better school for me. I want an academic experience that is rigorous but also a learning environment that is supportive and collaborative.

I really like both schools. Any insight, experiences, and opinions from alums, current students, or people affiliated with these colleges would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Apr 4, 20 2:52 pm

A good dilemma to have, congratulations! :)

Apr 4, 20 3:16 pm  · 

the choice is clear to me: cooper union. i'm assuming you won't be paying for an education there? it's a better school (really great historic reputation) and will probably cost less. easy.

Apr 6, 20 9:37 am  · 

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