Architectural Computer for Grasshopper and Rhino


I wanna build PC whit the maximum powers mostly I am gonna use it for Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, and renderings do you know which kind of processor should I buy and which kind of graphics cart do I need and etc. ?

Apr 3, 20 1:06 pm

For rhino and mostly grasshopper : High Clock CPU, Core count does not matter that much unless you do rendering.

For rendering : Since you didn’t mentioned what type of renderer you use, I suppose you are using CPU renderer. Go Ryzen for price performance.

For Revit : Decent GPU with RAM 16GB and above. Go up to 64GB

Ryzen 3600 with GTX 1660 Super seems budget PC. 9600k if you prefer intel.

Spend more on CPU and Cooling for more performance. Never buy cheap MB and PSU. Go up to 8 core with 5GHz CPU. Buy Noctua Air Cooler for silence. Don’t buy water coolers just for looks. Buy Seasonic PSU with Bronze and above.

RTX2060 Super or above could be needed for heavy workload. Invest money from CPU to multiple Titan RTX instead for GPU renderer like Octane and Redshift.

Never buy Quadro or ECC RAM unless you can afford to. Its just for more stability with double the cost.

Check Optimum Tech channel and SFF builds for volume efficiency.

Ask local HP or Dell workstation dealers for more professional advice. (pricy but less cumbersome)

Apr 4, 20 8:51 pm  · 

Thank you so much

Non Sequitur

I think that if you need to ask these pedestrian level questions then you're not going to understand or even-use such a rig to it's full potential.

Apr 4, 20 10:32 pm  · 

OP - ignore Non Sequitur.  Thinks he is Archinect police I quess.  Useless comment.

frostfrog - thanks for your response, very helpful.  

Apr 5, 20 9:09 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

not useless at all.


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