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Hello everyone,

So I decided that I want to be an architect. I've always been into the creative process. The problem is, I'm going to graduate from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in biochemistry and minor in creative writing with a 2.5 GPA. I've gotten sick a lot all throughout undergrad (been hospitalized four times) and I know that's not an excuse, but an explanation. 

As for the portfolio, I've always been kind of great at art (I don't want to brag in an architect forum lol I'm pretty sure everyone here is super talented) I've gotten a 5 in AP Studio Art and have always loved to draw and paint. I'm thinking of doing two studio art classes in a community college to get inspiration. 

I've taken calc I, calc II, calc III, honors physics I, and honors physics II and have gotten A's and B's. The reason my GPA is so low is because of all of my biology classes. 

Any advice on what else I should do? Time is not an issue for me, however, money is.


Apr 1, 20 7:20 pm

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Why not stay at Michigan - its a great programme - I think enrollments for fall 2020 will be down if not delayed - 

Michigan will understand your situation - 

good luck

Apr 2, 20 4:48 am  · 

Would changing your major help? Maybe if you can transfer to a different major, bring over as many credits as possible and when asked about GPA explain you realized biology wasn't something you were in interested in pursuing (or some similar reason). Not sure if that's doable tbh, but any way of holding off graduating to improve your GPA might make it easier to get into a Masters.

Otherwise like TED said, stay at Michigan and transfer into arch. Hope that maybe helps

Apr 2, 20 8:04 am  · 

I think your best bet is to reach out to the architecture schools you are interested in who offer a 3-year NAAB accredited professional masters degree in architecture (usually an M.Arch 1). Just explain your situation and see what they have to say. Often, your portfolio will play the largest part in your chances. But even with that GPA I think you still have a shot at some accredited graduate programs. The key though, is interacting with the admissions office, explain your situation, and see which schools are worth pursuing. Some schools may have an issue with the GPA, but others won't as much.

Apr 10, 20 6:18 pm  · 

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