Help me to choose! Got admit to SCI-Arc and SCAD for M.Arch 2 program! Which is better?


Hi guys,

I am an international student and I got into SCI-ARC and SCAD for M.Arch 2 program for fall 2020. Please tell me if you know which college has better job opportunities after completion of degree. Im really confused, because a lot of them told me to choose SCI-Arc for its name. But I don’t know to what extent that will help me get a job. 

Apr 1, 20 1:11 pm
Non Sequitur

Why do you care about "job opportunities"?  Should you not focus on more tangible things like cost, location, quality of faculty, etc?  Job opportunities will present themselves to you based on your skills and aptitude... not just the name on the very-expensive piece of paper.

If that's too hard to understand, then you should have just picked Boston.

Apr 1, 20 1:17 pm  · 

@sequitur : thank you for your reply! I am considering those factors, I just wanted an opinion as to which college is better overall? 

Apr 1, 20 1:27 pm  · 

also- second masters/professional degrees in architecture hardly help with your job prospects; if anything they might do the opposite. i.e. over-education.

Apr 1, 20 1:28 pm  · 

SCAD and SCI-Arc are two radically different programs and LA and Savannah are radically different places.  A better question is which one is the better fit for your skills and interests.   Going to a school where you don't fit in will likely have a negative effect on the quality of work you make in school and your ability to leverage in-school connections into summer internships and eventually a job after graduation.

Apr 1, 20 3:35 pm  · 

these kind of forum questions just show how little you know of each program before you applied.

Apr 1, 20 10:18 pm  · 

I'm thinking the same thing. It's a very weird combination of schools to choose from.


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